Company Turnaround is suitable where there is fundamentally a sound business which has, usually, a serious cash flow shortage.

The turnaround process starts by the business owners acknowledging that they have a problem and taking steps to start tackling the immediate cash issues.

ACERIS will help you to stabilize the cash situation in the business and help you produce a plan for the banks and creditors, in order to give the company an opportunity it to trade out of the situation.

The 'turnaround plan', covering anything from 3 months to several years, is the guiding process for turning the company round. This is a working document that has been agreed by all senior staff and is continuously referred to.

This turnaround plan will also include a business recovery plan with forecasts and financials that we would present, with you, to the banks. It would show when extra financing was needed and for what reasons.

(Note - in the end the analysis may show that a turnaround is not possible in which case Aceris would work for you with an insovency practitioner to save whatever is able to be saved from the business. Aceris are not insolvency practitioners but we do have links to very good specialists in this field.)

"Remember - the earlier a problem is highlighted the more effective the solution will be."