Restructuring is the process of changing or reorganizing a company's operating processes and/or financial structure in order to make it more profitable. A company that has been restructured effectively will be leaner, more efficient, better organized, and better focused on its core business with a revised strategic and financial plan.

Aceris is ideally positioned to project manage the overall restructuring plan due to the experience gained in many industries and a network of specialists that can be called upon to deal with any unusual issues raised.

A restructuring would cover actions such as:

  • Reorganization of the production process
  • Disposal of unprofitable parts of the business
  • Outsourcing of operations such as payroll etc
  • Relocation of operations to lower cost areas
  • Refinancing of corporate debt
  • + many other actions to improve profitability

The end result is to improve profitability and business operations to better meet the challenges of its market.

"Restructuring only delivers improved profitability when done for the right business reasons and not as a knee-jerk reaction to unexpected, external business circumstances."