Interim Finance Director

The experience and expertise of a Finance Director provides the essential knowledge necessary for any business to successfully grow.

ACERIS will provides your Interim Finance Director to cover for:

  • short periods of intense activity by the company - acquisitions, fund-raising, turnaround, disposals,
  • medium length periods such as maternity cover, or
  • a longer term relationship as an essential part of the board.

With many years experience at board level in companies from small start-ups to nationwide groups, we can provide this expertise.

In addition to the director role we can bring in financial management services and people to cover all finance function operations.

As the Interim Finance Director of your company we will ensure that the financial operations are of a sufficiently high level to satisfy both internal needs and external requirements. A part-time Finance Director provides affordable access to this resource without the full-time overhead.

Use us only for what you can afford and need - from 1 day a month to a couple of days a week, or more for short periods of time.

"An experienced FD is the calm, rational person who questions the ideas before decisions are made."