Company Doctor

If your company is seeing the first indications of financial problems ahead or are already experiencing cash flow shortages and pressure from banks, creditors and the tax authorities, then ACERIS can help you find a way through it.

As a Company Doctor, ACERIS has worked with companies from many different industries in a variety of roles and we are comfortable working with businesses that are, to a greater or lesser degree, experiencing difficulties and where things are starting to get out of control.

At the initial meeting an assessment will be made of the size and depth of the problem and an overview of how we could help. The seriousness of the problem and the timescales involved will, to a large extent, dictate the best route forward.

Our experience shows that, in most cases, the preparation of a realistic and robust financial plan together with taking effective steps to show that the company is working to stabilise and rectify the situation, the company may be able to trade out of its difficulties.

ACERIS is there to assist you at all stages from talking through an outline recovery strategy through to meeting your bank and creditors. We will provide robust advice on cash management, cost control, staffing and overheads, supply chains, communicating with your staff and managing all external advisors.

In short ACERIS will work with you and for you to keep your business trading. Recognising and tackling the issues early and asking for help, will help prevent the company needing a more drastic “turnaround” process.

"The aim is to cure the patient and put it back on the road to sound, profitable health."