ACERIS was founded in 2002 to provide Business Advice and Interim Finance Director services by Ian Watson. Ian qualified as a CA with Ernst & Young in 1988 before holding senior positions within many businesses - software development, national newspaper, computer manufacturer, web design, engineering and shipbuilding and fish farming.

As an Interim FD and Business Advisor he has worked with an educational software supplies company during a period of significant restructuring, a UK-wide telecoms infrastructure group during which time it grew by acquisition to 10 times its original value, a knitwear manufacturer in preparation for disposal from its parent company, a specialist software company in preparation for a successful funding package, a bespoke joinery manufacturer during a turnaround process, a construction company during a period of major restructuring and have been involved with five successful start-ups.

During this time, the most valuable lessons learnt are:

  1. Cash is the lifeblood of all businesses and cash control is always the top priority;
  2. Knowing your costs and then setting correct prices to generate a profit is the only way for a business to grow.

If these are not in place then there you do not have a long term business.

Running a business is often the most lonely job in the world - we can help you make informed decisions and focus on the important issues facing your business.

"When you are in a hole - stop digging and start thinking. It is only then you realise that the hole was probably preventable - we are all wise in retrospect!"